Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Last week was the first time since starting all of this that I really had a bad week. Starting last Tuesday, I just felt like I had zero energy. I constantly felt like I was running on fumes. 

On Wednesday night, I went to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting and was not happy with the results. Well, I shouldn't say "not happy", but I was let down some what. I only lost .6 (yes, that's point six) of a pound. I was at least expecting my usual, but it didn't happen. 

One important thing I have learned to do with weighing in is look at it as a teaching tool, not a time to get depressed or over-anxious. Any of those emotions can bring on old unhealthy eating habits.

So, this time I learned that my body is responding, or not responding to what I've been doing. I've been feeling unchallenged the past couple of weeks with my diet and exercise. I admit, I did start trying new dishes on Monday, but, the workouts were the same routine. Even the 15 miles (give or take round trip) bike to the rec center to swim 30-40 laps was not challenging me enough. 

It is time for a revamp. 

I found a great swim workout online that I was super excited about trying Wednesday night. I forgot my paper, but could remember most of it. My friend and I did what I could remember and for the first time in awhile, I was feeling worked! It felt amazing!!

On Thursday, I was still feeling zapped. I mustered up all I had just to make it to do Zumba. Afterwards, I contact my trainer and chatted with her. 

It's no secret that I've been doing some hormone treatments to try and get pregnant again and this probably had to be what's been making me feel so sluggish. She suggested I take a few days off. 

I did. 

It felt so good to rest. My body feels better--muscles included. 

On Monday, I went for a 16-mile bike ride and felt great afterwards. I feel like the energy is coming back...slowly, but definitely. 

It also felt good just to have a mental break from it all. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Huge Milestone...

I have officially shed 50.6 pounds in 15 weeks!

I was so nervous because I needed to lose 2.8 pounds this week in order to make my goal of reaching 50 lbs. I had a great workout last Thursday and Saturday.

On Sunday night, I had 8 points left at night and I wondered what to do with them. In Weight Watchers, to be successful, you have to use ALL your points you're allotted daily. No cheating on the points, it only hurts you. So, I decided to have some skim milk (which is MY FAV), 2 Oreos and one Weight Watchers brownie. It all came out to be my 8 points, so I didn't go over. I don't use my extra 35 points a week generally, if I do, it's for an extra glass of milk every now and then...but, nothing over 5 of those extra points.

After eating those sweets, I felt really sick to my stomach. That was the first time I had that many sweets all at once (and it wasn't that much) since January. I don't have that much of a sweet tooth and since learning about trigger foods, I've not even allowed myself to have one of those temptations.

After feeling so bad and feeling like I was blowing it, I text a couple of friends of mine. One told me that her trainer actually advised her to eat sweets (controlled and within our plan, of course) every couple of weeks or so often to keep your body working. I never thought that it could be used as a tool as well as a "sweet reward."

So, I felt better.

On Monday, we went to a family funeral. I had tiny portions, like less than 1/4 cup, of each item and grabbed a piece of chocolate cake. Man, did it look amazingly scrumptious. I contemplated eating it or putting it back. I didn't have my food companion book with me, so I couldn't look up the point value. If I had had the book, I would have put the cake back for sure. However, I didn't, so I enjoyed my 12-point piece of goodness.

The rest of the day I felt like...now I've done it. I didn't go over my points for the day, but I sure was hungry all night. I learned not to waste that many points on a piece of cake.

So... I headed to the gym that night and had a good workout. I worked out last night as well and actually ran for 2 miles straight. I felt really great afterward and I could've kept going, but I was thirsty and Zumba was about to start.

I didn't get a chance to do a workout before Weight Watchers like I normally do. I usually bike before going to and on the way to WW, but ran out of time tonight. So, this had me sweating bullets even more.

I told the receptionist that I needed her to tell me at least 2.8 pounds was gone or I'd be super sad. She took the numbers down...and I waited and waited for what seemed like forever.

Then she showed me----- minus 3.4. I was blown away!

I guess some good sugars gave my metabolism a good jolt. It was done with using control and worked to my advantage!

Now, I'm ready to explore some WW desert recipes. My friends told me about 1-point cake which I will be making this weekend. I'll post the recipe and results with pictures sometime this weekend, so stay tuned. I hear it's AMAZING!

Upcoming Races:

May 28- Midnight 5k
June 19- Tinman Triathlon

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big Update...

Well, I didn't realize I was this far behind in updating this blog. I have been busy the past few weeks with my folks in town from Georgia and so on, that time has been slipping by faster than I realize.

Last weekend was the Ironman here in St. George.

The night before the race, I entered my son (who's 3 1/2) into his first running race. It was a 12 and under race that the kids got to run through the Ironman finish line. Ben did the 200 meter race. He LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. He actually did exceptionally well, I think. He was darting in and out of people while I ran behind him with the video camera. It last about 3 minutes...but he felt amazing. He is excited to race again and I need to work on finding him some sports to do.

That morning, Kassie and I went out to Ivins at 5 a.m. for their Fitness Festival. They held a 5k/10k race that morning that we wanted to do. We were the first people there. :) We were anxious to get out there!

I didn't go out and drive the course before the race like I would normally do to know exactly what I would be facing. I wish I would have. I think that would have helped me mentally. The first mile was all uphill. There are no hills on the WCCC track. Oh well. I did my very best and came in at 38:06 which is about 5 minutes faster than my 5k in March.

I was pretty excited about that! I was aiming for 40 minutes...so to be under was thrilling.

Afterwards, we helped out a little bit at the Planet 94.1 and Weight Watchers booth promoting the Big Loser contest. I got to meet some of the people from previous seasons of the television show Biggest Loser. Although, I had no idea who they were (except for Seth who talked to us Big Loser contestants back at the beginning of the contest)... I look forward to one day having time to Hulu the old episodes and seeing their stories. They were SUPER nice!

The thing that had the majority of my attention was the bike portion of the Ironman. I was glued to the side of the road--at least my eyes were. It was inspiring to watch them and to also see how exactly they race--- their techniques. I watched them go by the aid station there in Ivins and I saw some of the tricks to the trade. Very educational!

Afterwards, I went home and we walked up to the finish line. We didn't see the winners come through, but saw some of the top qualifiers. It was awesome. Some of them looked like they were totally beat, others looked like they could've kept going.

I have to admit, I thought seriously about the process of training to do the Ironman in a few years--- but, I've put that thought way, way on the back burner. For me, my focus right now is getting off all my weight and doing whatever it takes to have more children. The type of time committement to training I would have to give doesn't fit my family goals right now. I also need years to build up the equipment needed to race (road bike, wet suit and other gear). So..maybe one day. If not, I'm totally satisfied completing local triathlons!

So, I have lost a total of 47.2 lbs. so far! I can't remember each week's totals, but that's my current loss. I am aiming for 2.8 lbs. this week so I can get my 50 lb. mark and little charm for my key chain!! I think it's totally doable.

Today I biked 20 miles to and from the community center. It was a beautiful ride with the majority of the way there being uphill. I swam 30 laps when I got the WCCC and then biked back. Biking back was soooo nice!! It's so nice to go downhill after such hardwork on the way there! It felt amazing!!

I clocked about 3,200 calories just in the biking. I didn't wear my watch while swimming, so I know it was way more...but...I'm feeling good about that much at least!! Working hard for that 2.8!!

Upcoming Races:

May 28-- Midnight 5k
June 19- Big Loser Tinman Triathlon