Friday, May 13, 2011

Week #3...

Week #3:  Lost 2.4 lbs. 

Woohoo!! It felt good to have that kind of number again. I began to doubt this new program, but I'll still give it time to prove all of its hype. 

I also ran my first post-pregnancy race! I did a 5k on Saturday (May 7). I wanted to finish (that was my main goal), but also finish in less than an hour and around 50 minutes would be great for me. 

My last race was at Halloween when I was 6-months preggo...that was the last time I did any running. The only other exercise between then and now has been walking and of course, Zumba. I did keep Zumba up until I was 36-weeks then I stopped only because I spent more time going to the bathroom than exercising and it got really hard to move. If you saw my enormous belly, then you knew why it was hard to move! 

I didn't know how I would do with this run. I found a target and tried to beat her, but I couldn't. It did keep me focused and working hard. I always find some person in the crowd that I want to aim to beat. Sometimes I do and I gloat, sometimes I don't and I say, Oh well-- next time!! 

I finished this race in 50:29. I was so excited! Of course, it really helped having my racing buddy with me to push me along. It's always better to run with a friend-- someone who's as competitive as you! (Thanks, Lestie!!)

So, I am officially 6 lbs. slimmer than I was a month ago which gives me the encouragement to keep on truckin. 

Look out skinny jeans, here I come!!

Week #2...

Week #2:  Lost .4 lbs.

I was disappointed with the small loss, but I was even more determined to make the next week a great one. It wasn't easy. Honestly, there were many times I wanted to throw in the towel and say "not now." With a new baby and going back to work-- didn't I have a good excuse to take one thing off my list of things to make sure are done and accounted for daily?

However, I couldn't give up. What really helped is getting my husband started on Weight Watchers with me. I taught him how to track points and how to measure his portions as well as calculating the points per servings. As I taught him these things, I remembered, this isn't some quick fix. It didn't take two weeks for the 40 lbs. to come back on. I need to have patience-- the one thing I struggle the most with in life. (Well, one of many things....)

If I set a realistic goal, then I have more to work towards. For me, it is getting back into my cute "skinny jeans" (skinny for me, at least) by Aug. 1. I'm not so much concerned about the number of pounds as I am looking and feeling good in clothes again. That's my goal-- then, when that's reached, new goals will come.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week #1-- harder than I thought.

Week #1-- Going at it alone

This start of my weight-loss journey is much different from the start with the Big Loser contest. I had a support system built in and a trainer and frankly, more time and flexibility than this go-round. 

I have two months left of my Weight Watchers membership and I wanted to get back as soon as I felt comfortable and confident I could do this again. 

Last week, I packed my baby and headed back to Weight Watchers. I loved going back, didn't love learning what I had gained during the pregnancy, but my little baby is TOTALLY worth it. 

I had some fears going into this meeting:

1. Weight Watchers was on a new system...would I like it or should I even learn it since the old way worked perfectly for me. It's like learning a language and having it be voided and told to learn a new language. 

2. I wouldn't have my same friends there in class with me.

3. I wasn't sure my crazy life and schedule would allow me the opportunity to be successful with Weight Watchers because I would have actually eat when I'm used to not eating and not eating well. With a newborn, Mom comes last and I didn't know how tracking, planning, making extra things for me would work in when I am doing good just to get two meals in a day. (If that, and sometimes dinner isn't done until 9 p.m.)

My first mistake was not planning in advance that I was going to start last week. I should have prepared my pantry better--not that there wasn't good things, it was just lacking all the way around. Going to the store has not been one thing I've really done a lot of over the past month or so. So, I was feeling like I was having a rough start. 

My exercise regimen is also different because of my schedule and that I am also still recovering from the C-section. I can exercise, but just not like I used to because if I over-due it, I pay the price and my tummy hurts. 

However, I am still determined to get it right again, even if it's a bad first start. I returned to Zumba, which is much mental therapy as it is for my physical well-being. I also registered for a 5k in a couple of weeks to keep me working towards my goals. 

So, my first week, I didn't know what to expect. I lost 3.2 lbs. which was a pleasant surprise for me. I did my best, though could've been better, but, I was so grateful to see my efforts pay off and give me a boost that I can do this again, even if I am alone.  

Where have I been???

I can't believe it's been about 10 months or so since my last post. I have a lot to catch up on...but, I won't take long to do it because sleep is precious to me now and I need to get to bed soon. 

Last July, I was at 63.2 lbs. gone in my journey to lose weight and get healthy. I had become very aware of my body and feeling so good. I was also into clothes and sizes I hadn't been in in a very long time. 
I had experienced my first gain--although it was only half a pound, it still sent shockwaves through me since I hadn't gained anything since I started the change in Jan. I worked even harder the next week and was feeling good about my efforts, but also feeling "different." The next week I weighed in just half a pound under. 

I was stunned. I first thought I had finally hit a plateau, but still feeling something else was going on I pressed on. I thought about readjusting my exercise routine. However, on the way home from the gym I was talking to my best friend back home and told her that perhaps I should take a pregnancy test just in case. The next morning I did and....
I was pregnant!! I was in complete SHOCK. We've been trying for three years to get pregnant and a goal of mine to lose weight and get healthy was to see if it would help me get pregnant again. It worked! 

So, I didn't stop eating well or exercising, but I did make adjustments. I was two months along by the time I found out. I stopped riding my bike, but I kept up with Zumba and some weights. I ran my last race at 6-months pregnant and kept attending Zumba until I was 36 weeks. I only quit because it was getting way to hard to move and way too many bathroom trips.
After my little miracle was born mid-March, I had put on 40 lbs. It has been really hard to put back on the clothes I worked so hard to get out of, but I can't complain for the priceless package I got in return. At least it wasn't the 70'ish pounds I put on with my son.

With a new healthy baby in tow and new weight to get rid of my weight-loss journey begins AGAIN...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What happened to June?!?!

The last time I posted was after my birthday...which was a few weeks ago. It's been an insane past couple of weeks with some extra summer activities I've had my son going to. I've been on the verge of complete insanity. 

In any event...I've hit another HUGE milestone in my continued weight shedding efforts. Last week I surpassed my 60 lbs. mark....totally 61.4 to be exact!! It was my son's 4th birthday and before running to get his birthday cake, I went over to weigh in. Had too. I was anticipating this goal, and I couldn't wait one more week!

It made the ice cream cake taste that much better that night for sure! Now I'm looking forward to my next goal---not 70, but 75 lbs!

It feels amazing still. I can see more and more the hard work paying off. So many more people notice it and that's always fun. Even taking my son in for his annual check-up...his pediatrician was like, "WOW! You look amazing!" skinny jeans from April now are falling off my hips and barely-hanging-on jeans. I fit into a size 18/20 and I haven't been able to do that since college--- which was 5 years ago. 

Other than... I have become more comfortable with allowing myself to eat different foods instead of the same thing week-after-week which was what I have done for the most part the past 5 months. It feels incredible to trust myself, trust food and trust the system. 

On June 19, we had a Big Loser Tin-man Triathlon and BBQ. We completed the beginner distance tri and I took 3rd place behind LaRae (who took 1st!) and Dawson! I was super proud of EVERYONE who gutted it out and completed it. It was AWESOME! We also did a post contest contest to see who could loose the most weight the 10 weeks after our contest ended. 

I am proud to say that I WON!!! I lost the most weight... 22.4 lbs. since the contest ended. 

In any event... now it's on to new goals. We're still doing a race a month, even if we make our own which is what is taking place in July. 

If anyone's interested in joining us for a 10k in July... let me know!

Next race: July 23-- 10k (my first 10k in YEARS)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday survival...

WOW!! I survived a birthday without gaining. Surely that's a first in a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time!

I didn't go off the WW plan or anything...meaning, I didn't ignore my points, or better yet, my long term goals...but, I did enjoy myself.

Before the birthday on Monday, I had a couple of frustrations that were making me nervous towards weighing in this week.

Last Friday, I was very sick and I was limited to what I could eat. I have been trying some new holistic treatments for my body (trying to regulate my body---nothing to do with weight loss)...and I couldn't eat sugar (which limited my fruit in-take as well), milk or dairy of any kind, or anything with yeast from 11 a.m. Friday till noon on Saturday. It was tough. The toughest part for me was that while my body was detoxing, I had the WORST sinus infection in human history (at least that's what it felt like to me). It was so frustrating. I ended up not being able to use 11 points by the end of the day. With Weight Watchers, you are never supposed to not use all your points. This may seem backwards in a diet...thinking, if you eat less, you'll loose more and loose faster. Not true. Especially when you work out a lot...your body needs what it needs to survive.

So, I was really irritated at the fact that could throw me off.

Then, on Sunday, I wasn't able to get in all points either. I missed 8 points.

On Monday, it was my birthday. I had 20 points to use for dinner and all 35 points that you get extra each week that I rarely use to play with for my birthday. I had a cheeseburger (mayo on the side, which I barely even used), fries and then a delicious brownie with ice cream for my "birthday cake."

I couldn't even eat all of the brownie...but, I tried! It was sooo yummy. But, after eating all of that and realizing how many points I had that night... I thought about how over-rated this really was and how much I wasted before when I ate similar (or worse) dinners without giving it a second thought.

Nonetheless, I had another great loss tonight--- 1.6 pounds more gone and I'm officially below 250!! WOOHOO!! It's actually...248.8. So there! I hope to reach 60 lbs. gone which I am 2.4 lbs. away from getting. I am turning up the workouts and I have another race this Saturday as well with my goal to reach 60 lbs. by next Wednesday's weigh-in. That will give me a total of 60 lbs. gone in 20 weeks!!

Next races:

June 12- Fireman's Fun Run 5k
June 19- Big Loser Tinman Triathlon

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New lesson learned... (two week catch up post)

My husband's side of the family (well, three siblings and their families) came into town last week, so I didn't have a moment to post how last week went.

It went terrible--- last Wednesday, I lost the same as the week before. A measly .6 of a pound. I teared up twice--once after weigh-in and once at the end of class. I was in a serious funk.

On the way to meet with my husband's family, I called my best friend back home in Georgia. She's also a die hard Weight Watcher follower and exercise queen. She actually completed her first marathon earlier this Spring. In any event, she has been telling me to take a week off for awhile now. She said that everything she'd be learning, reading and so on has told her after 6-8 weeks of solid training, you need to take a week off.

We've had several conversations about this because my mind couldn't wrap my brain around stopping--- well, at least stopping the exercise portion of it all for a whole week. She kept begging me to trust her. It's not that it was her I wasn't was my body.

So, in this conversation with her again she told me to REST. That's just like someone telling me to relax. I just can't seem to know how to do it. So, I told her after the Big Loser triathlon in June, I'll take a week off. Then as I kept talking to her, I realized how much time I'd be with my husband's family starting that night...and each night until Tuesday, that if I'm going to take a week off and make it worthwhile, this is the time.

So I did. Well, except for the Midnight 5k that I already had been planning on and paid that was a must.

It felt really good to take the time and the PRESSURE off my body. I kept to my Weight Watcher's daily points, although some of my family my have wondered... 'is that really on her diet?' I celebrated a birthday with a small piece of Dairy Queen ice-cream cake and even had some french fries once. It was all counted for and I only used about 7 of the extra 35 points you get a week.

Yesterday, I returned to the gym--- one day sooner that a full week, but close enough. I was feeling pretty good. My clothes that are already to big as it is, are getting even looser. I am seriously running out of clothes. Looks like another trip to DI for me this weekend.

In any event, so I was completely anxious to see what the scale had to tell me this week. I stepped on...waited for Sue to weigh me in...she was anxious as well. She pulled a face that I didn't know if it was good news or bad news...then a smile came across her face...and she sung, "this is how we do it!"

I shed a surprising 4.2 pounds this rest week!!!

I was stunned to say the least! I couldn't believe it!! All I heard after that was my friend saying..."I told you so." (But saying it with a smile) does pay to rest. Actually, LaRae made a good point by saying that the time off will shock my system and metabolism that has been used to the same working out load I've been given it. Who would have thought?!

So... new lesson learned. If you're feeling like your body is below empty, listen to it. Give it a rest. Stick to your Weight Watchers and you'll be just fine.

The 5k on Friday night was completed in my best time ever... 56.08 and that's after three days off, Mexican food 4 hours before and running in 40-mph wind.

Looking forward to a new week and seeing how my body responds to getting back into the gym.

Next races:

June 5- Weight Watchers 5k (although I may bike this one)
June 7- My Birthday Bike Day-- I HOPE to have time to find to do a 32-mile ride
June 12 5k to support local firefighters
June 19- Big Loser Tinman Triathlon (Beginner level)