Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New lesson learned... (two week catch up post)

My husband's side of the family (well, three siblings and their families) came into town last week, so I didn't have a moment to post how last week went.

It went terrible--- last Wednesday, I lost the same as the week before. A measly .6 of a pound. I teared up twice--once after weigh-in and once at the end of class. I was in a serious funk.

On the way to meet with my husband's family, I called my best friend back home in Georgia. She's also a die hard Weight Watcher follower and exercise queen. She actually completed her first marathon earlier this Spring. In any event, she has been telling me to take a week off for awhile now. She said that everything she'd be learning, reading and so on has told her after 6-8 weeks of solid training, you need to take a week off.

We've had several conversations about this because my mind couldn't wrap my brain around stopping--- well, at least stopping the exercise portion of it all for a whole week. She kept begging me to trust her. It's not that it was her I wasn't was my body.

So, in this conversation with her again she told me to REST. That's just like someone telling me to relax. I just can't seem to know how to do it. So, I told her after the Big Loser triathlon in June, I'll take a week off. Then as I kept talking to her, I realized how much time I'd be with my husband's family starting that night...and each night until Tuesday, that if I'm going to take a week off and make it worthwhile, this is the time.

So I did. Well, except for the Midnight 5k that I already had been planning on and paid that was a must.

It felt really good to take the time and the PRESSURE off my body. I kept to my Weight Watcher's daily points, although some of my family my have wondered... 'is that really on her diet?' I celebrated a birthday with a small piece of Dairy Queen ice-cream cake and even had some french fries once. It was all counted for and I only used about 7 of the extra 35 points you get a week.

Yesterday, I returned to the gym--- one day sooner that a full week, but close enough. I was feeling pretty good. My clothes that are already to big as it is, are getting even looser. I am seriously running out of clothes. Looks like another trip to DI for me this weekend.

In any event, so I was completely anxious to see what the scale had to tell me this week. I stepped on...waited for Sue to weigh me in...she was anxious as well. She pulled a face that I didn't know if it was good news or bad news...then a smile came across her face...and she sung, "this is how we do it!"

I shed a surprising 4.2 pounds this rest week!!!

I was stunned to say the least! I couldn't believe it!! All I heard after that was my friend saying..."I told you so." (But saying it with a smile) does pay to rest. Actually, LaRae made a good point by saying that the time off will shock my system and metabolism that has been used to the same working out load I've been given it. Who would have thought?!

So... new lesson learned. If you're feeling like your body is below empty, listen to it. Give it a rest. Stick to your Weight Watchers and you'll be just fine.

The 5k on Friday night was completed in my best time ever... 56.08 and that's after three days off, Mexican food 4 hours before and running in 40-mph wind.

Looking forward to a new week and seeing how my body responds to getting back into the gym.

Next races:

June 5- Weight Watchers 5k (although I may bike this one)
June 7- My Birthday Bike Day-- I HOPE to have time to find to do a 32-mile ride
June 12 5k to support local firefighters
June 19- Big Loser Tinman Triathlon (Beginner level)

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