Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday survival...

WOW!! I survived a birthday without gaining. Surely that's a first in a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time!

I didn't go off the WW plan or anything...meaning, I didn't ignore my points, or better yet, my long term goals...but, I did enjoy myself.

Before the birthday on Monday, I had a couple of frustrations that were making me nervous towards weighing in this week.

Last Friday, I was very sick and I was limited to what I could eat. I have been trying some new holistic treatments for my body (trying to regulate my body---nothing to do with weight loss)...and I couldn't eat sugar (which limited my fruit in-take as well), milk or dairy of any kind, or anything with yeast from 11 a.m. Friday till noon on Saturday. It was tough. The toughest part for me was that while my body was detoxing, I had the WORST sinus infection in human history (at least that's what it felt like to me). It was so frustrating. I ended up not being able to use 11 points by the end of the day. With Weight Watchers, you are never supposed to not use all your points. This may seem backwards in a diet...thinking, if you eat less, you'll loose more and loose faster. Not true. Especially when you work out a lot...your body needs what it needs to survive.

So, I was really irritated at the fact that could throw me off.

Then, on Sunday, I wasn't able to get in all points either. I missed 8 points.

On Monday, it was my birthday. I had 20 points to use for dinner and all 35 points that you get extra each week that I rarely use to play with for my birthday. I had a cheeseburger (mayo on the side, which I barely even used), fries and then a delicious brownie with ice cream for my "birthday cake."

I couldn't even eat all of the brownie...but, I tried! It was sooo yummy. But, after eating all of that and realizing how many points I had that night... I thought about how over-rated this really was and how much I wasted before when I ate similar (or worse) dinners without giving it a second thought.

Nonetheless, I had another great loss tonight--- 1.6 pounds more gone and I'm officially below 250!! WOOHOO!! It's actually...248.8. So there! I hope to reach 60 lbs. gone which I am 2.4 lbs. away from getting. I am turning up the workouts and I have another race this Saturday as well with my goal to reach 60 lbs. by next Wednesday's weigh-in. That will give me a total of 60 lbs. gone in 20 weeks!!

Next races:

June 12- Fireman's Fun Run 5k
June 19- Big Loser Tinman Triathlon

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