Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Family Traditions...

On Saturday, I participated in a Family Bike Ride with my sweet son, Ben.

I found this race in the brochure I've been following to find races for me to do.

He was SUPER excited!! He woke up early that morning ready to go! You can tell by his stance that he was very confident---as he should be. Afterall, we had been practicing for two weeks.

He got his bike checked out, completed the police safety course and we were ready for the start line.

He went right up to the front of the line with the big boys. He was not afraid. The race, or ride, was 2.25 miles. For the first little bit he did really, really well. But, after more and more of the bigger kids passed us, his "legs started hurting" and he would crash into my bike, stop and cry. This happened several times. I believe he wanted to be able to race with the bigger kids and started getting really frustrated when he couldn't and this broke his fiercely competitive heart (which he's inherited from my husband and me).

It was incredible having this experience with him. He grew some new confidence and we bonded on a whole new level. He's simply the best!

I look forward to more races with my sweet son in the future. This was only our first of many more to come!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I admit, I was a little nervous about tonight's weigh-in--- not because I've done anything outside of Weight Watchers cause I haven't...but, after last week, I didn't know what to expect.

I also didn't get in 2 hours on Saturday like I planned. After the obstacle course (which I'll post about as soon as I get some pictures) left me a tired, good-for-nothing mess for the rest of Saturday. Monday night I let Coby go to the gym for a change while I stayed home and cleaned, preparing for my parents who are coming into town next week.

I got a great workout in last night, but still was nervous. I biked to Weight Watchers tonight--figuring if I met up with that blasted dog again, which turns out only lives a block up from me, I would run him over. Ironically, the dog's name is cupcake. It's neither sweet, nor anything I want near me--especially while I'm shedding weight. :)

You don't really now how roads go unless you're biking them. For the most part, I thought the roads here in downtown St. George were pretty flat. Not so much. It was hills all the way, steady ones with some flat--but, the kind of flat you still have to pedal to move--- you follow?!? Needless to say, it was a great workout there and a nice ride on the way back tonight.

For this week--- I got on the scale and the WW lady says-- this is your third best week! I was stunned and anxious. I had to wait till she showed me the book---unlike when we always yelled it out in our weigh-ins in the contest.

I shed another 3.8 pounds this week!!! I have been hoping the past couple of days that I would break 40 pounds and this loss certainly got me there.

My total is now 40.8 pounds GONE!!! WOOHOOO!!!

Not sure when I'll get the post-contest pics...soon as I do, I'll post them. It's crazy.

I feel amazing. I also am proving to myself, that this is certainly a life change for me. I am in control of this and it's just going to get better. I also had a dream the other night that I was at my goal weight. No one recognized me and I felt amazing. It literally was sad to wake up, but, I have even more determination now to get that in reality.

Also this week, I went in for the post-contest BOD POD test. This machine measures your BMI to the most accurate level possible. Prior to the contest you may recall it was 52% for me.

After 11 weeks of healthy eating and exercise, I am down 4.8% of body fat!! I was amazed and thrilled!! From getting 3rd in the contest, I get two more BOD POD tests to use whenever and I am super anxious to go back in and re-test in a few months. I am going to do one more by Sept. and then the other test in January for the anniversary of the contest and see how well I do in one year.

Another nice and totally unexpected surprise was my cholesterol. At the beginning of the contest it was 141 and now it registers less than 100. Their little machine doesn't measure or calculate below 100. WOOHOO!! That felt amazing that I was also making great changes for my heart.

I have learned so much about nutrition, proper food choices, exercise and also about my own body. How it works, how it responds and what I can do to help combat weight issues. This whole experience has been priceless.

So....there were a group of us Losers tonight at Weight Watchers who decided to put together a Big Loser triathlon this June at the end of our 10-week post-contest contest. We all are pitching in $10 to see who has the highest percentage of weight loss from April 2-June 5. I'm working hard for that money cause Momma needs some new clothes!! :)

Upcoming Races:

April 25- Cactus Hugger Family Bike Ride w/ Ben
May 1- Ivins City Fitness Festival 5k
May 22- Midnight 5k
June- Big Loser triathlon (I needed something in June, now I have it!!)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Post Contest---

I had my first post-contest weigh in tonight and it felt really great. The scale wasn't that kind to me-- only shedding .4 of a lb. Actually... let me explain why that number is the way it is.

I weighed in on Friday during our finale in only a very thin tank top and my underwear. Trying to be as light as possible to get the best number to get 2nd place. After that, I put my clothes back on and got on the scale again--- 2 lbs. difference with clothes on.

So, tonight when I weighed in--- I had clothes on. So, I was thinking with the average of about two pounds a week that I loose, this might be an even week as far as the scale. So I was pretty excited to show there was still a loss! Matter of fact, there was only three of us from the contest that actually lost this week!

I can't explain the weight that was lifted after the contest was over!!!

Last night at Zumba... I swear I had more fun than ever before. It's always a blast...but, when you're not playing mind games with yourself the whole time... wondering if you're moving faster or harder than Kassie, Tina or Dawson---- and just moving and busting it out for YOU it's that even more enjoyable!! :)

However.... I am determined to keep going. I still have 120'ish pounds I still want to shed! That's a LOT of work ahead of me. Now comes the REAL contest. For the next 10 weeks (the same length as the contest)... I want to see how much more I can shed on my own.

To keep up this incredible motivation I have set some goals for myself:

1. One race a month
2. Size 18 by June 7 (when I turn 32)
3. Work out 12 hours a week (avg. 2 hours a day, 6 days a week)

This Saturday, I will join all the other Big Loser contestants, trainers and radio peeps in an ROTC obstacle course race at Dixie State College. Should be fun? interesting? hard?---> all of the above I am sure!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Triathalete again...

I can finally say that I am a TRIATHLETE again!!! I finished the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center's tri today and met the two goals I had set for this race. I wanted to finish in under an hour and not be in last place. My first triathlon was when I was 19 and it was a full tri (1 mile swim, 25 mile bike and 10K)... I finished in last place (although 2nd in my age group--lol)...and in about 3 hours.

Today's tri was a beginner one: swim 8 laps, 5 mile bike and run 1.5 miles. After completing all the blocks training last Monday, I did the swim in 5:50, the bike in 24 min and the run in 18. However, that wasn't the case today. My swim totally stunk. After the first two laps it was like I hit a brick wall and it took everything I had to complete the swim.

The bike was AWESOME! My friend and training buddy, Lestie, and I had rode the course three times in training and so I felt really confident. It felt even better passing people on their fancy road bikes. On the ride back in...this guy passed me... and for some reason... I got this jolt of energy and totally smoked him on the last little bit. That was fun!!

What wasn't fun---however--- it was funny was during the transition from the swim to the bike. I was so focused on being fast in my transition that I forgot that my swim pants were also doubling as my underwear for the day. So, I began to pull them down and realized mid-moon that my butt was showing. Too bad three people got the nice view. Opps. Oh well... it wouldn't be a normal day out in society if I didn't show my butt to at least one person, right?!

So....after I got off the bike, my pants were falling off. They were wet from the swim trunks so as I was getting ready for the run, I thought, it would be so hard to keep holding my pants up while running, so I shed the pants.

BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

I started running and shortly after started chaffing. It was so painful. I walked some to try to help...but, after halfway, I said screw it... no pain, no gain. I ran my little chaffed legs---chub rub and all-- all the way to the finish line. Good thing I did so I could make my goal!!

So here I am.... in the transition area after the race...

I have felt amazing all day!! I want to do another on next Saturday, too. However, I'll be on the obstacle course with the other Big Losers climbing walls, crawling on my belly with M16's and whatever else torture they have planned for us!!

Stay tuned....

Next Race: May 1st--- Ivins City Fitness Festival 5k & May 28th-- Midnight 5k

Contest Finale...

WOW!! I can't believe the contest is over. It's insane. The last week was an emotional rollercoaster for me on many different levels.

I was sad that our meetings would be ending-- we always managed to have a blast in between our Weight Watchers meeting and our actual weigh-ins. We would walk around the buildings, do races, Zumba in the parking lot. We just made this whole process as fun as possible.

I also felt the nerves of being the final three. I knew that the highest I could get was 2nd place with Dawson still in the game. That was tough for me. I am a competitor and when I realized I couldn't win-- it was a tough pill to swallow. So I gave my very best effort to get 2nd place.

That didn't happen. I ended up in 3rd place but less than one percent. Kassie and I have been pulling close numbers the whole contest and we lost the same amount this last week, too. I won 3 months at Weight Watchers and 3 months at the rec center and some other things as well that I don't remember. :)

The final three, with our trainers, met at the rec center at 5 A.M. on Friday morning and trained HARD for two hours! Then we went over to the radio station for the live broadcast and weighed in. It was a blast!

I shed an incredible 5.2 pounds!! I couldn't believe it!! I almost lept for joy when I saw the scale go below 270. WOW!!! I am just amazed how all this hard work is paying off. Yes, Kassie lost the exact same...5.2. :)

So, my total for the contest was 36.6 pounds GONE!!! That was the second most lost by us girls. Tina lost 1.2 more than me...and I tried my best to catch her, but couldn't.

I celebrated by competing in a triathlon--- which I'll make a separate post about. :)

I can't believe what a gift I have been given. I am so thankful for the Planet and all the sponsors who made it possible to have this kind of avenue to set me in motion and give me the tools to completely change my life and my family's life. Matter of fact, by helping me, so many others have decided to make changes to. So many of my family and friends have started exercising, eating right and getting their own butts in shape! What an awesome chain reaction!!

On my first official day as having the contest ended--- I have felt so much pressure off my shoulders. My decisions are a little easier to make as far as my time. I have developed life-long habits, so those haven't changed, but it's nice to finally feel relaxed and enjoying this new lifestyle!!

I'm looking forward to the next couple of months. I am doing an obsticle course with all the Big Losers, our trainers and Chris and LaRae from the radio station. We're doing it with the college's ROTC group. It will be brutal, challenging and FUN!!! Then in May I am doing two 5k's. Looking forward to those. And by the time my birthday rolls around in June-- I want to be a size 18. I haven't been that size since college 5 years ago or so.

We did have after photos taken at the finale and I will post one as soon as I get one. I will post a pic from the triathlon, but the after photo from the contest will be much better!! Stay tuned...