Friday, May 13, 2011

Week #3...

Week #3:  Lost 2.4 lbs. 

Woohoo!! It felt good to have that kind of number again. I began to doubt this new program, but I'll still give it time to prove all of its hype. 

I also ran my first post-pregnancy race! I did a 5k on Saturday (May 7). I wanted to finish (that was my main goal), but also finish in less than an hour and around 50 minutes would be great for me. 

My last race was at Halloween when I was 6-months preggo...that was the last time I did any running. The only other exercise between then and now has been walking and of course, Zumba. I did keep Zumba up until I was 36-weeks then I stopped only because I spent more time going to the bathroom than exercising and it got really hard to move. If you saw my enormous belly, then you knew why it was hard to move! 

I didn't know how I would do with this run. I found a target and tried to beat her, but I couldn't. It did keep me focused and working hard. I always find some person in the crowd that I want to aim to beat. Sometimes I do and I gloat, sometimes I don't and I say, Oh well-- next time!! 

I finished this race in 50:29. I was so excited! Of course, it really helped having my racing buddy with me to push me along. It's always better to run with a friend-- someone who's as competitive as you! (Thanks, Lestie!!)

So, I am officially 6 lbs. slimmer than I was a month ago which gives me the encouragement to keep on truckin. 

Look out skinny jeans, here I come!!

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