Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where have I been???

I can't believe it's been about 10 months or so since my last post. I have a lot to catch up on...but, I won't take long to do it because sleep is precious to me now and I need to get to bed soon. 

Last July, I was at 63.2 lbs. gone in my journey to lose weight and get healthy. I had become very aware of my body and feeling so good. I was also into clothes and sizes I hadn't been in in a very long time. 
I had experienced my first gain--although it was only half a pound, it still sent shockwaves through me since I hadn't gained anything since I started the change in Jan. I worked even harder the next week and was feeling good about my efforts, but also feeling "different." The next week I weighed in just half a pound under. 

I was stunned. I first thought I had finally hit a plateau, but still feeling something else was going on I pressed on. I thought about readjusting my exercise routine. However, on the way home from the gym I was talking to my best friend back home and told her that perhaps I should take a pregnancy test just in case. The next morning I did and....
I was pregnant!! I was in complete SHOCK. We've been trying for three years to get pregnant and a goal of mine to lose weight and get healthy was to see if it would help me get pregnant again. It worked! 

So, I didn't stop eating well or exercising, but I did make adjustments. I was two months along by the time I found out. I stopped riding my bike, but I kept up with Zumba and some weights. I ran my last race at 6-months pregnant and kept attending Zumba until I was 36 weeks. I only quit because it was getting way to hard to move and way too many bathroom trips.
After my little miracle was born mid-March, I had put on 40 lbs. It has been really hard to put back on the clothes I worked so hard to get out of, but I can't complain for the priceless package I got in return. At least it wasn't the 70'ish pounds I put on with my son.

With a new healthy baby in tow and new weight to get rid of my weight-loss journey begins AGAIN...

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